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Welcome Back

After being away for months as a result of a medically necessary break due to health issues, Flawless Treasure is back on the scene to once again grace the fashion world with her unique creations. Challenging her own creativity Flawless Treasure has extended her ideas & designs to suit footwear & accessories beyond the infamous Converse sneaker & trendy Nike slides. This simply means that you can now request your treasure shoes to be styled on any other brand(s) rather it be Vans, Uggs or even your personal stilettos, your design desires are guaranteed to be met upon your request & purchase.



Did you know...

I’m sure many of Flawless Treasure supporters are aware that Treasure Shoes & accessories have been purchased by customers in a variety of states such as; New York, New Jersey, N. Carolina, Atlanta, Texas, Missouri & California (just to name a few), but “Did You Know” that in total Treasure Shoes has walked in 17 different states within its first year! Kudos to Flawless Treasure on her continued success & achievements.


Quote: “For without my customers I can do nothing but with my supporters I can do ANYTHING”...


                                          ~Flawless Treasure 



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